Green Hosting

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Green hosting or eco friendly hosting is Internet hosting that gives the advantage to environmental impact reducing green technologies like carbon offsetting that powers a complete data center with eco-friendly renewable energy. It includes activities such as planting plants, trees and grass over and around data centers. The sole purpose of green hosting is to conserve the energy and it is related to such activities like energy saving appliances. Green hosting is also known as eco friendly hosting because it utilizes green marketing. The users of green marketing are eco aware and socially engaged people who care about their surroundings. During the last 17 years, the adoption of green hosting has grown rapidly unlike its start in the 2000s. Many of the green hosting companies were offering this new type of service at huge prices so people and the global market were not so crazy about it because of that.

Lately, more and more companies are now interested in green hosting because it directly supports the preservation of our natural habitat and the ecosystem within it. Thanks to these dramatic changes on the market, many hosting companies are now offering green hosting almost for free or at very low prices. Acceptable prices increased the number of eco aware consumers who want to support the cause of taking care of nature around us. Since the Internet is always growing and spreading, various services are evolving with it. So is web hosting. All over the world you can now find numerous hosting sites that have Green-E certification labels.

These are some of the ways how hosting organizations can reduce their impact on the environment: they can start using low voltage equipment, active cooling systems with outside air also known as free cooling, improving airflow through servers by using higher cooling temps, upgrading their air conditioners in the computer rooms or isolating cold air from hot which was produced by the servers. Green hosting can help this beautiful world.